Bleeding Earth

‘Bleeding Earth’ is a visual representation of the negative impact of humanity on the earth. Destruction. Exploitation. Pollution. Extinction. Deforestation. Desertification. The earth and our ecosystems are severely damaged. Deep wounds have been caused covering the earths skin in blood.

Do you see the blood on your hands?
Can you hear that someone’s begging your help?

Chances are bad, for the wounded cannot speak. For its pain cannot be seen.
But be warned: An invisible illness will take its toll, too.

No way you could have known, you might say. That you didn’t mean to.
That you were busy. When the truth is: You didn’t care to look.

At the storm, the rain, the drought, the heat, the cold, the death this change brings along.

If the wind was cries, if the floods were tears, if rocks could hurt for real

would you then listen to our bleeding earth?

Germany / 2020

Photography / Design / Art Direction by Roland Kraemer

Poem written by Sabrina Hoebel

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