‘Captured’ is a series about abstract ice patterns and a study of macro photography.

During the freezing process of lakes & creeks something fascinating happens on a micro level. Air and gases resulting from plant life & organisms are getting captured in ice. Producing artistic and abstract formations. This projects wants to showcase these mesmerizing abstract patterns these chemical process creates. Reminding us to be looking & focusing on the details. At the fine & delicate structures of nature around us. We’ll experience a whole new world within our world. A world to escape in. A world to get lost in. 

Lost in the beauty. In the complexity. Of systems that are hard to grasp. Systems that we don’t understand. But can appreciate & admire. If we try to be aware. Of the beauty all around us. On a tiny scale.

The air captured in ice. For just a moment. Until it’s released. 

Bavaria, Germany / 2021

Photography / Design / Art Direction by Roland Kraemer

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