Claim your Glacier Rune Print

Some of the Glacier Runes are cryptic. They have hidden messages and signs in them. It was hard to decipher the runes with the ‘hidden 1 X’ property but after weeks I made progress. I can finally see animals, creatures & obscure forms in them.

Can you see them as well? Can you decipher your Glacier Rune with the ‘hidden 1 X’ property? Share your findings of hidden forms in your rune with me below and claim the physical version* of your Glacier Rune.

    Your Glacier Runes ID

    Your Wallet Address

    Your Twitter/Discord name**

    Image that illustrates your findings (optional)

    Detailed description of the findings in your Glacier Runes***

    *Prints are 20x30cm (plus 2cm white border for matting and framing) and printed on 285 gsm Hahnemühle fine art pearl paper. They are signed and numbered on verso. Every print comes with an incorporated NFC tag that shows the ownership of the associated NFT.

    **I will reach out to you via Discord/Twitter to organize the shipping of the print.

    ***There is no wrong or correct answer here. Your observation is your observation & you’re eligible to claim your physical in any way.

    Claimed prints: None has been claimed yet.