FOREST SQUARES - a collectible project by @thabloom

This page should give a little explanation on what I plan on doing with ‘Forest Squares’. A project dear to my heart that I was working on countless hours over the last couple of weeks. If you have the link to this page, I probably sent it to you to get some feedback on what you think about this project. So thank you for taking time and having a look at it.💚


I strongly believe that beauty can be found anywhere around us in nature – often times we just need to search for it & look closely at what surrounds us. Over the last months travelling far wasn’t an easy task to do. This situation forced me to spend more time exploring the nature close to where I live. During this time I fell in love with searching for interesting abstract textures in a forest nearby. After doing this for weeks, I realized that I naturally started to amass a huge collection of abstract forest textures. The idea for ‘Forest Squares’ was born.

‘Forest Squares’ is a chance for me to share this enthusiasm & love I have for the details of the forest with my audience & the lovely people that surround me. It will be an ongoing collectible project consisting of animations that display photographs of abstract forest textures.

Every ‘Forest Square’ is:

-a numbered single edition 1/1
-based on a unique photograph
-1000x1000px wide
-a 42seconds seamless video loop

‘Forest Squares’ is planned to be an ongoing project that’ll have more drops over the next months/years. The first edition will be called ‘Quercus’.

Every edition consists of 37 ‘Forest Squares’. 33 Squares will be normal ones that can be purchased. 3 Squares are special monochrome editions & one is a special collage edition. These editions can only be redeemed via an airdrop.

Every ‘Forest Square’ has its own unique photograph that consists of ~40 single photographs that have been meticulously stacked together for the final result.

THE COLLAGE 1/1 - 1pc


  1. ‘Forest Squares’ will be available at a price between 0.05 & 0.1Ξ (tbd) & the price will never increase in future drops. No bonding curve.
  2. Every collector of my normal NFT’s will receive an airdrop of a random ‘Forest Square’ of the Quercus edition
  3. Every collector who bought a ‘Forest Square’ of the first edition automatically enters a raffle for a random ‘Forest Square’ of the second edition (name tbd)
  4. Holding 3 – 5 (tbd) ‘Forest Squares’ makes you eligible to redeem a 30x30cm framed Fine Art Print of one of your Squares (free worldwide shipping)
  5. The 1/1 collage (6000x6000px) will be airdropped to the collector that’s holding the most Squares 30 days after the launch of the Quercus edition. If two persons have the same amount of Squares at the end of the 30 days, the Collage will be airdropped to the person that first has +1 more than the other.
  6. Before the launch of the Quercus edition a random Square will be raffled in a little event to the NFT community.
  7. The monochrome special editions can only be redeemed by burning two Squares, whose edition numbers combined result in the edition number of the special edition (34,35 & 36). An example would be burning a Square #008 & Square #028 to get special edition Square #036 airdropped.