Glacier Runes

Glacier Runes is a crypto art project that launched on the shared smart contract of the platform OpenSea on September the 12th.

The project consists of 44 photographs that display abstract geological formations. The idea of the project was to combine the abstract character and feeling of generative art with the real world visuals of landscape photography.

Glacier Runes are not generated by code. They are generated by nature. By glaciers. Over the course of thousands of years.

I came up with the idea during a trip to Switzerland in August 2021. While visiting one of the glaciers in the Swiss region called Valais I noticed the abstract character of the stones on the ground at the foot of the glacier. I started photographing a few of them and checked the results on my camera. I instantly liked how graphically it looked on the screen straight out of camera. The look and feeling reminded me of generative art and sparked the idea of connecting both worlds within one project. After that, I began to visit more and more glaciers. In the end, I fully dedicated my two-week stay in Switzerland to photographing geological surfaces that have been formed by glaciers.

After a curation and editing period of around four weeks, the project was released on the Ethereum blockchain in mid-September.

This is a selection of 16/44 Glacier Runes.
The full project can be found on OpenSea

Switzerland / 2021

Photography / Art Direction by Roland Kraemer

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