Alien II

In December 2020 I released a project called ‘Alien’ that was shot with a modified digital camera in the Queyras National Park, France. The modification of the camera allowed me to capture the combination of the infrared spectrum & visible light within one picture. The result: familiar landscapes were being alienated through the use of infrared (IR) induced color shifting.

On my most recent journey to Norway in June, I took my IR camera with me to shoot a sequel to ‘Alien’. During one of my first stops in Southern Norway, I was exploring the area of Bongurefjell near Åna-Sira, outside the Flekkefjord. From the top of Bongurefjell (184m a.s.l.), you can descend via a short but steep climb along ladders and stones to Brufjellhålene (20m a.s.l.).

When I reached the plateau of Brufjellhålene and saw the landscape, I knew this would be the location for the next part of ‘Alien’. I took out my modified camera and started documenting the organic shapes of the rock formations, the water filled potholes and the cave-like structures. 

Seeing and experiencing the landscape through the eye of the infrared spectrum gave me the feeling of walking on extraterrestrial ground. ​​​​​​​An otherworldly location. Captured in a mixture of visible and infrared light. 

Norway / 2023

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