Bardenas Rojas

The Bardenas Reales, located in the Navarra region of Spain, is a natural park that is known for its unique and otherworldly landscapes.

This protected area in the Ebro River Basin is home to a diverse range of ecosystems, including semi-desert, steppe and Mediterranean forests. Geologically it is characterized by sedimentary rocks like clay, sandstone & limestone. Within the park you’ll find a variety of landforms, such as canyons, badlands, and rock formations that have been shaped by natural processes over millions of years.

Besides tectonic activity and climate change, especially the process of erosion, has been key in shaping the Bardenas Reales. The combination of strong winds and little rainfall is causing the erosion of the softer layers and leaving behind the harder layers of rock.

With its rugged and arid landscape, the Bardenas Reales provides an interesting playground for photography. In this series, we will explore the geological features of this region – from the abstract quality of the dramatic rock formations to the colorful appearance of the winding canyons and sweeping vistas.

Sixteen images of the Bardenas Reales that are connected by the color red.

Spain / 2023

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