Nestled on the Basque north coast of Spain lies the town of Barrika, where the untamed ocean meets the rugged cliffs. Here, the waves of the Bay of Biscay relentlessly crash against the rocky shore, carving intricate patterns into the ancient sedimentary stone beneath. 

In this photographic series titled ‘Barrika’, we explore the abstract textures that emerge from the everlasting interplay between sea and rock. Shot over the course of a week, I spent countless hours exploring the coastline of Barrika during low tide, capturing the subtle variations in structure, form and color that make each one of those stones unique.

From organic shapes to chaotic patterns, the stones of Barrika reveal a form of beauty and complexity that is often overlooked. With a careful eye for detail, composition and curation, this project wants to showcase parts of nature that reveal a world of abstract artistry to us. By being viewed up close through a macro lens, these stones offer an unexpected window into the raw feeling of the Basque coastline. 

Reminding us of nature’s hidden majesty, shaped by time and physical forces

Spain / 2023

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