Spume, often referred to as sea foam or ocean foam, is created through a natural process involving the interaction of ocean waves, air and organic matter. As waves crash onto the shore, they agitate the water and trap air and small particles, including dissolved organic compounds and proteins, within the water column.

These substances act as surfactants, reducing the surface tension of the water and causing it to form bubbles. The churning action of the waves further breaks down these bubbles, creating a frothy mixture of air and water that we perceive as spume.

While exploring the coastline of Lacanau in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France), I observed and documented these interesting liquid formations that were constantly being built up and destroyed again by the movement of water.

The resulting images showcase natures artistry and reveal a harmonious chaos. Tiny bubbles are woven together in unpredictable arrangements, forming intricate patterns and textures.

A delicate interplay of waves and wind, transforming sea foam into visual arts.

France / 2023

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