Unfluid – The Series

‘The Unfluid Series’ is an experimental series about how perception changes physical states. The physical state of water. Turned from liquid to solid. By freezing the motion. The perception: Expanded by the use of modern camera technology.

I got the idea for a project like this back at the beginning of 2020 while shooting a waterfall in the Black Forest, Southern Germany. As I tried to freeze the motion of the falling water by using extremely fast shutter speeds at around 1/2000 to 1/8000 I realized how beautiful & unique the shapes of the water were appearing. It instantly reminded me of some sort of ice structures or frozen water droplets at the side of a lake during freezing cold temperatures. 

With this knowledge about the potential of this technique I started visiting different waterfalls on the Swabian Jura, the Black Forest & Southern Bavaria with the goal of creating close up shots of flowing & falling water that looks like patterns of ice. 

A lot of those waterfalls were located in rather gloomy places like gorges & ravines, which made working with extremely high shutter speeds really difficult without neglecting the ISO & the aperture. The result was that I had to work with a really shallow depth of field & a high ISO to make the photo happen in most of the places without underexposing them too much & loosing details of the images. The biggest challenge was shooting the closeups of the water with a macro lens as the depth of field was even more shallow which made balancing aperture, ISO & shutter speed even harder.

Some photos were taken with a macro lens & some were taken with high focal lengths at around >200mm – just a few below 200mm. In general, I wanted to get really close to the water as I wanted to showcase the results of the ‘freezing-process’ up close with its painterly & abstract character

Liquid to solid. Fluid to unfluid. Water to ice. 

Germany / 2020 – 2021

Photography / Art Direction by Roland Kraemer

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